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Aline Tilleul

La Fille qui n'aimait pas ses seins

Books on a mission : marching for women




It is so sweet ... I discover this video from European Parliament Library.  They turned a video on youtube about "Books on a mission : marching for women".  Let's advertise a little bit for them, cause they had less visits than my blog : their video is here.



Would like to post my comment, as I was written there aswell, and those people were my colleagues, know perfectly well who I am and why, and if they don't aren't they stupid ????

I remember perfectly well to have been the first one to talk about web2.0 and social networks in that place.  It was a long long time ago ... Past time, forgotten memories.  The males who go on earning their wages didn't believe me at all at that time ...  There were still no women in the ICT sector then (it was before the entrance of the western "stagiaires" who with their legendary beauty and openess proposed their sexual services to the ICT bosses for a contract).   It was another fight, fighting alone, unless the prophecy proved its evidence, many many years later.



""""Well, well ... Books paying tribute about women all over the world ?     ------------------------- I wished to say, my soul is whispering --------------------
What about this book then, written withIN EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, and marching indeed for women :

It is a long way ..."""""""



A fatal error occured on YOUTUBE, was it my name or fatality ???? 




I keep on telling ... decennies forward, because now I know that times come ... everything comes back.  Whoever they are, I know who I am.  New readers all over the world should learn to read what was written for them, and trust reliable information "out of the box" of conventional lies, and targeted media.

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